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Incentivizing recycling by giving users opportunity to sell their small electronics to Ringy.

Let’s start with cleaning out your drawers and garage. Sell your old devices to us so they can be refurbished or recycled.

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Selling refurbished devices with a 12 month warranty at affordable prices.

Ringy will offer a cheaper and greener solution to buying new devices.

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Help our clients to have an impact by making greener choices

Buying and selling refurbished devices helps saving resources and reduces CO2 emissions

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Ringy won’t just create new way of buying and selling devices, we will create a whole new mindset!

Good to know. Some facts about

E-Waste Pollution

55 million

tons ewaste generated in 2020 in World.


EU E-waste recycling is down by 28% from its target.

67 million

tons of devices are in total in EU home. But not all in use.


estimated recycling rate growth over 5 years because of Ringy.

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