Terms & conditions

1. General

1.1. These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter “T&Cs”) are entered into between you as a user of www.ringy.shop (hereinafter “User”) and InToRINGY OÜ (a company incorporated under Estonian law, registered office at Pärnu tn 26-22, Mõisaküla, Mulgi vald, Viljandi maakond 69302, Estonia, registry code 16148986, VAT number EE102311943) (hereinafter “InToRINGY”) and govern your use of the InToRINGY platform accessible at www.ringy.shop.

1.2. These T&Cs apply insofar as they are in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia, which also govern any issues not covered by the T&Cs (e.g. regarding disputes or omitted information).

1.3. InToRINGY reserves the right to unilaterally amend these T&Cs in view of operational efficiency, competitiveness and further development needs, and changes or reorganization of the assortment of goods. Amended T&Cs shall enter into force as of their publication on the website www.ringy.shop. If the User placed an order before the amended T&Cs entered into force, the User shall be subject to the T&Cs in force at the time when the order was placed, unless applicable laws or these T&Cs provide otherwise.

1.4. InToRINGY and Users wish to trade on the website www.ringy.shop in accordance with these T&Cs and applicable laws.

1.5. If a User makes an offer or places an order on the InToRINGY website, the User shall be deemed to have read and accepted these T&Cs.

2. Purchase of equipment

2.1. A User who wishes to purchase a device (hereinafter “Buyer”) shall select the desired device(s) in the online shop and add the device(s) to the shopping cart before placing an order.

2.2. When placing an order, the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the devices offered on the InToRINGY website are pre-owned and refurbished. The devices are tested, refurbished and suitable for use but may nevertheless have certain characteristics that are typical of pre-owned devices (including wear). 

2.3. The Buyer shall confirm the shopping cart and pay for the device via bank link. We request the Buyer to check the details of the order and/or invoice before making a payment and verify that these correspond to the customer’s actual intention.

2.4. For order confirmation, an invoice shall be sent within the term specified in section 5.3 of the T&Cs to the e-mail address entered when confirming the shopping cart.

2.5. The contract of sale of the device between InToRINGY and the Buyer enters into force when the full purchase price is received on InToRINGY’s bank account and the Buyer confirms the order according to section 2.4.

3. Price of device

3.1. The prices of devices sold on the InToRINGY website are shown in euros.

3.2. InToRINGY reserves the right to adjust the prices of the devices offered. Price changes enter into force as of the moment when the relevant information appears on the www.ringy.shop website. If the Buyer submitted an order before a price change entered into force, the price payable by the Buyer shall be the price at the time of placing the order, as shown in the order confirmation.

4. Purchasing

4.1. Only the devices accompanied by the link “Add to cart” are available for online purchase on the InToRINGY website.

4.2. The price or availability of a device may change from time to time and without prior notice. If the Buyer placed an order before changes in these T&Cs, the T&Cs applicable at the time of placing the order shall apply to the Buyer.

4.3. If InToRINGY is unable to fulfil the order, InToRINGY may leave the order unconfirmed or withdraw from the contract. In such case, we shall contact the Buyer and refund any amount paid.

5. Payment

5.1. Payment for the device selected by the Buyer can be made via bank link on the InToRINGY website.

5.2. Please note that after paying for the device (i.e. making a bank transfer), the Buyer must exit the online bank page by clicking “Back to merchant” [„Tagasi kaupmehe juurde”]. After this, an informative order confirmation is displayed to the Buyer on the screen and an invoice for the order is sent to the e-mail address entered when confirming the shopping cart.

5.3. Purchases made on the InToRINGY website are handled and confirmed between 9:00-18:00. The contract of sale enters into force when the order is confirmed.

5.4. Payment services on the InToRINGY website are provided by EveryPay AS. InToRINGY as the data controller shares the personal data needed to make payments with EveryPay AS, a processor.

6. Shipping

6.1. The ordered device is delivered to the Buyer by the shipping method selected by the Buyer.

6.2. All devices purchased on the InToRINGY website shall be delivered to a parcel terminal selected by the Buyer or to the shipping address within 2 to 7 business days.

7. Return of devices

7.1. A Buyer who is a consumer has the right to return the device within 14 days after the receipt thereof and receive a refund of the purchase price (from which the cost of returning the device is deducted) within 30 days.

7.2. The returned device must be unused and in InToRINGY’s package.

7.3. InToRINGY’s package must be opened carefully so as to avoid damaging it. The Buyer is liable for damaged packaging, unless the package cannot be opened without breaking/damaging it. If the Buyer has damaged the package due to negligence and the package could have been opened without damaging it, InToRINGY may claim compensation for any damage thus caused.

7.4. If the Buyer receives a wrong or defective device or the device is not delivered to the Buyer in good condition and in a sealed package, the Buyer must immediately contact InToRINGY’s representative at the e-mail address info@ringy.shop. 

7.5. InToRINGY is responsible for the device purchased by the Buyer during shipping. The risk of damage or loss of the device passes to the Buyer from the moment the device is received.

7.6. The term of refund commences after the Buyer has returned the non-conforming device to InToRINGY and InToRINGY has received and checked the device.

7.7 To return a device, an e-mail must be sent to info@ringy.shop, containing the following information:

  • the name of the Buyer;
  • the device returned;
  • the order number;
  • reason of return; and
  • the bank account to which the price shall be refunded. 

8. Processing of Users’ personal data

8.1. InToRINGY processes the personal data submitted by the User and the transaction information in accordance with the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act and to the extent necessary for the completion of transactions concluded by Users on the InToRINGY website. InToRINGY does not transfer the User’s personal data to third parties, except to payment, postal and courier service providers insofar as this is necessary for settling payments and delivering devices to Buyers.

8.2. InToRINGY has no access to the Buyer’s banking information when paying for a device in an online bank.

8.3. For more information on the processing of Users’ personal data, see InToRINGY’s Privacy Policy.

9. Warranty against defects

9.1. InToRINGY provides a Buyer who is a consumer a 12-month warranty against refurbishment defects, i.e. against material, manufacturing and structural defects relating to the refurbishment process. The warranty period commences as of delivery of the refurbished device to the User. In case of a warranty claim, InToRINGY shall repair the device’s material, manufacturing and structural defects relating to the refurbishment process without any charge to the person entitled to warranty protection. If repairing is not possible or feasible, the refurbished device shall be replaced or its value shall be compensated.

9.2. InToRINGY’s warranty against defects does cover defects caused by the Buyer’s improper use or storage of the device ordered, including defects caused by water damage, electrical faults due to use of chargers not approved by the manufacturer or installation of software not approved by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by the Buyer and resulting in a broken screen and/or housing.

9.3. Furthermore, InToRINGY’s warranty against defects does not cover the following:

  • consumable parts, such as removable memory cards, camera and lens locking devices; 
  • easily breakable parts, such as glasses, screens, camera lenses;
  • other consumables, such as cells or rechargeable batteries (to the extent of normal wear as specified by the manufacturer);
  • insignificant deviations in quality which do not affect the normal use of the device;
  • faults caused by operation and use or damage caused by environmental factors, chemicals or cleaning agents; and
  • defects caused by installation or transport.

9.4. The warranty of a refurbished device does not extend by the period of repair/maintenance of the device. If a refurbished device is replaced during the warranty period, the substitute device is only covered by warranty until the end of the warranty period of the original device.

9.5. A Buyer who is a consumer may use his/her rights under the warranty by e-mailing a written warranty claim to info@ringy.shop during the warranty period. When submitting a warranty claim hereunder, you are also required to provide proof of purchase to InToRINGY. The warranty is valid on the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

9.6. This warranty against defects does not exclude or restrict the Buyer’s right to use other legal remedies under the law (right to file complaints).

10. A consumer who purchased a defective device has the following rights:

10.1. Firstly, the right to require that the device be repaired or replaced free of charge.

10.2. Right to withdraw from the contract, if:

  • 10.2.1. InToRINGY is unable to repair or replace the device;
  • 10.2.2. repairs are unsuccessful;
  • 10.2.3. InToRingy has not eliminated the defect of the device within a reasonable period;
  • 10.2.3. repair or replacement of the device has caused disproportionate inconvenience to the consumer.

10.3. InToRINGY is not liable for defects of the device if:

  • 10.3.1. the defect has been caused by improper use or careless maintenance, or the device has already been opened or repaired by someone other than our company;
  • 10.3.2. the defect is caused by mechanical damage;
  • 10.3.3. the fault is caused by overvoltage, water or fire damage or other circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control;
  • 10.3.4. no purchase receipt or invoice is presented;
  • 10.3.5. the device was not defective when delivered to the Buyer.

10.4. If the device cannot be repaired (including if repairs would be unreasonably costly), InToRINGY may replace the defective device with an equivalent device. Instead of repairing or replacing the device, InToRINGY may refund the purchase price paid by the Buyer after deducting the Buyer’s benefit received from use of the device.

10.5. Complaints relating to the devices or any additional services purchased on the InToRINGY website must be e-mailed to info@ringy.shop.

11. Sale of device

11.1. A User who offers a device for sale (hereinafter “Seller”) may sell the pre-owned device (hereinafter “Pre-Owned Device”) to InToRINGY. 

11.2 Devices can only be sold by Users registered on the InToRINGY website. 

11.3. The legal relationships between a Seller and InToRINGY arising from the sale of a Pre-Owned Device are governed by these T&Cs.

11.4. When selling a device on the InToRINGY website and/or in the app, the Seller agrees to the provisions of these T&Cs. 

11.5. The T&Cs are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

12. Conclusion of sales contract 

12.1. InToRINGY may buy the Seller’s Pre-Owned device if the Seller has the right to sell the device, the device is not stolen or blacklisted, the device is not leased or the Seller has fulfilled all obligations under the acquisition or financing contract (including hire purchase contract) for the device. 

12.2. To conclude a sales contract, the Seller shall submit the information necessary for assessing the value of the device on the InToRINGY website, including all required information on the Seller and the device offered for sale. 

12.3. InToRINGY shall assess the value of the Pre-Owned Device with reference to its condition and model.

12.4. To assess the value of a Pre-Owned Device, the Seller shall submit information on the device according to the assessment criteria provided on the InToRINGY website and InToRINGY shall use this information to calculate the estimated value (price) of the device. If incorrect data is submitted and the value of the Pre-Owned Device is found to be less than the estimated value, InToRINGY reserves the right to reduce the price (value) of the Pre-Owned Device. The Seller must prove that the information submitted on the Pre-Owned Device is correct.

12.5. After assessing the value of the Pre-Owned Device and agreeing the sales price with the Seller, InToRINGY shall provide the Seller shipping information for the Pre-Owned Device. InToRINGY shall cover the cost of shipping the Pre-Owned Device from the Seller to InToRINGY, using the shipping method of choice. 

12.6. A sales contract is deemed concluded and enters into force when the Seller has agreed to the value (sales price) of the Pre-Owned Device and has sent the Pre-Owned Device to InToRINGY, using the shipping method of choice. 

12.7. Possession, ownership and risk of accidental loss of the device passes from the Seller to InToRINGY at the time of receipt of the Pre-Owned Device.

12.8. InToRINGY is not responsible for the preservation of any of the Seller’s data in the Pre-Owned Device, but treats this information as confidential and takes appropriate measures to ensure that the information is not disclosed to third (unauthorized) parties. InToRINGY shall erase all data from the Pre-Owned Device.

12.9. The Seller is liable for any third-party rights encumbering the Pre-Owned Device and for any other contractual or tort obligations relating thereto.

12.10. The Seller undertakes to terminate all contractual relationships relating to the device prior to transferring (selling) the device to InToRINGY.

13. Payment of sales price

13.1. InToRINGY pays the value of the Pre-Owned Device to the Seller according to the assessment criteria and as agreed with the Seller.

13.2. Payment for the Pre-Owned Device is made to the Seller’s bank account within 5 business days after InToRINGY has received the Pre-Owned Device and checked its conformity.

13.3. If the value of the Pre-Owned Device does not correspond to the estimated value, InToRINGY reserves the right to reduce the value or return the Pre-Owned Device to the Seller and withdraw from the contract under clause 14.2.2 of these T&Cs.

14. Withdrawal from contract

14.1 The Seller may withdraw from the contract within 14 days after InToRINGY has received the device. In such case, InToRINGY shall return the Seller’s Pre-Owned Device to the Seller after the Seller has refunded the sales price to InToRINGY. The Seller shall cover the direct cost of return. 

14.2 InToRINGY may withdraw from the sales contract in the following circumstances:

14.2.1 the sales contract was concluded by a Seller who did not have the right to sell the device (e.g. the Seller is not the owner of the device, the Seller may not sell the device due to age restrictions);

14.2.2 the Seller has submitted incorrect information or the device does not conform to the contract for any other reason (e.g. the Pre-Owned Device does not meet the assessment criteria).

15. Miscellaneous

15.1. The security of online bank links used to pay for the goods is ensured by an encrypted communication channel (data encryption technology) that prevents third parties from accessing personal and banking data.

15.2. Any issues not covered in these T&Cs shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legislation applicable to the relationships between the parties.

15.3. The parties shall attempt to negotiate a solution to any disagreement or dispute arising from or relating to these T&Cs and the contract between the parties. Failing agreement, the User has the right of recourse to courts to protect his/her rights. A User who is a consumer may also file a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee.

Updated in November 2021

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